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By integrating Shopify with Postalzoom, you can get some great results through direct mail. Taking all the hard work out of printing, stamping and sending direct mail to your current customers.

Send direct mail easily through Postalzoom using the tags you use everyday. We deal with all the printing, personalisation and posting of your letters. By sending direct mail to your customers, you can send personal letters that pop straight through your customers' letterbox.

Use the opportunity to send great marketing content such as deals, promotions, newsletters and more... Showing how much you value them as a customer.

We've created some simple to follow 'how to' videos on YouTube to help you when setting up the ideal letter template, how to upload your data and how the overall system works.

Sign up today and start sending personal direct mail to your Shopify contacts and getting great results.
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Direct Mail Made Simple

Easily send your customers physical mail that has a better ROI than emails. It's easy to send in a few very simple steps.

Make It Personal

Personalised mailings using an easy drag and drop interface.

No Minimum Order

There is no minimum order so send as much or as little as you like.

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Add our app to your Shopify account via the Shopify App Store. Free to install, the app has a video guide as well as screenshots of the interface so you know how it works.

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